1. Dealing with emotional creatures; women is the worst thing you want to deal with.


  3. The feeling of rejection, is too darn fucking bitter.

  4. open-your-mind-and-see-like-me:



    el gatito de atrás xd

    se sigue completando mi tambler

    asdfghjklñ conchetumare’XDDD 

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  5. The Captain’s Armband:

    "The captain’s armband is a piece of fabric bearing a million responsibilities. It gives its owner the power of a king and the courage of a knight. The captain’s armband should only belong to one who is willing to put everything on the line for his team."

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  6. Can I have them? So adorable to resist!!! #sacconejoly

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    I just had to make an edit because cutest thing ever

  8. Emilia Saccone Joly in “CUTEST KIDS IN THE WORLD!" (x)

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    my heart can’t handle it oh my goodness


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