1. #wolfgrey #3s
    Slowly but surely my sneaker game will grow. This photo doesn’t do much justice to this shoe cause my phone camera’s kinda faulty. Will be copping another surprise pair soon (hopefully)


  2. Relaying my thoughts with someone else’s two cents (kinda)


  3. Those words resonated in my mind.


  4. Dealing with emotional creatures; women is the worst thing you want to deal with.


  6. The feeling of rejection, is too darn fucking bitter.

  7. open-your-mind-and-see-like-me:



    el gatito de atrás xd

    se sigue completando mi tambler

    asdfghjklñ conchetumare’XDDD 

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  8. The Captain’s Armband:

    "The captain’s armband is a piece of fabric bearing a million responsibilities. It gives its owner the power of a king and the courage of a knight. The captain’s armband should only belong to one who is willing to put everything on the line for his team."

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  9. Can I have them? So adorable to resist!!! #sacconejoly

  10. ohlittlefox:

    I just had to make an edit because cutest thing ever